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Bot Overview

The bot can totally be customized, from notifying staff about alts joining the server, to automated actions like kick, ban and mute. And ofcourse you decide when the bot is supposed to take those actions. Neat! Right?

The bot setup is no more than 1 command!

To add another layer of security, the bot can even do a quick search for alts in your server and it can fetch you the list!

You can setup a role which the bot will ping to notify the staff incase alts join!

The bot also allows you to customize the age under which the new member must be, for the bot to identify it as an alt.

You can even setup automods, like mute, kick or ban, for different age ranges.

Our Pricing Plans

Automated actions, mute, kick and ban, if the new member is below a certain age setup by the administrator of the server. Join our official server to find out more on how to buy the premium.

1 month

$ 3

  • Basic plan

3 months

$ 8.1

  • 10% Profit
  • External verification
    (Coming soon)

6 months

$ 14.4

  • 20% Profit
  • External verification
    (Coming soon)

1 year

$ 23.3

  • 35% Profit
  • External verification
    (Coming soon)

What Our Users Say

You can rate your experience with our bot in our official server!

  • "Not Gonna Lie. Didn't Expected The BOT To Be This Much Efficient & Convenient. Its Really Easy To Use. & It Makes My Job Easy. Thanks For This Bot."

    - GamingHUB
  • "Works the best! Much better than the others!"

    - Fletchinder
  • "One of the unique bots ever existed, also helpful!"

    - тнєℓαѕтgαмєя18
  • "Best bot! Can't wait to see how it develops into the future!"

    - The blinders